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Mainly CRO, CSO and MA, these three divisions provide high-quality services with each great expertise.


Offering the most appropriate process of combining human resource and IT services.


A wide range of net work, such as A-PACT and a business tie-up with the company that has been used successfully overseas.
※A-PACT : Alliance for Pacific Asia Clinical Trials

Our services

AC Medical provide following services

  • Contract Research Organization

    CRO Service


    ・Data Management

    ・Statistical Analysis


    ・Medical Writing

    ・Electronic Data Capture Service

    ・Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Service

    ・Quality Control Service

    ・Audit Service

    ・Pharmacovigilance Service

    ・Post Marketing Surveillance Monitoring


  • Medical Affairs

    MA Service

    ・Contract MSL

    ・Capability Development Program for MSL
    -MSL Education Courses
    -MSL Basic Training Program
    -MSL Mind Set Program

    ・Practical Role-Play Training program
    for MSL

    ・Scientific English Training Program


  • Contract Sales Organization

    CSO Service

    ・Contract MR

    ・Practical Role-Play Training program

    ・Coaching Training program for District Managers

    ・Basic Knowledge Education for Oncology

    ・Introduction Education/Continuation Training

    ・Training Material Creation

    ・Promotion Material Review Service
    (3rd Party)

    ・Compliance monitoring Service