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Corporate Philosophy

Message from President:  

I am pleased to announce that I, Shinro Tashiro, have been formally inaugurated as Representative Director and President at AC Medical as of March 1st, 2019.


The big wave of ever changing pharmaceutical industry is approaching to us as CRO and CSO industries.
Leveraging the integration of EPS Group and AC Medical, we further reinforce business and managerial platforms of AC Medical and exercise synergy of our knowhow and experiences accumulated over the years to create next generation of CRO and CSO business models.


It is our commitment to attach ourselves to our corporate philosophy, “Ever Progressing System (progressing each day)”, to make strenuous efforts in delivering the best services to our clients.


Thank you for your continued support of AC Medical Inc. in the years to come.

Shinro Tashiro
Representative Director and President

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