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Corporate Philosophy

April 1, 2018
Representative Director,President
Seishoku Masahara

Message from the president
I am also pleased to announce that AC Medical Inc., a CRO specializing in drug research and development, and UPSHE Co., Ltd., a CSO undertaking sales and marketing outsourcing for pharmaceutical companies, have merged as of the same day. AC Medical has now been reborn with the beginning of the new year.
More than ever, we are committed to achieving the two companies’ common objective: to contribute to the growth and efficiency of the medical/pharmaceutical industry and to support its efforts to provide relief for patients. We are also determined to strive to fulfill our social responsibility in many more areas through our combined effort.
In recent years, the medical/pharmaceutical market in Japan has seen drastic transformations in the form of revisions to laws and regulations, policy changes, and the entrance into the market of new competitors from abroad, to name a few.
Accordingly, AC Medical, as an outsourcer, is now in the process of establishing a system that will enable our decision making to be as swift as possible and more adaptable to such changes. We aim to proceed strategically, expanding the scope of our services while enhancing our expertise and know-how in specific areas.
We are very excited with our new beginning and have resolved once again to strive for greater success. Expect our tireless effort for improved services in our core businesses as a CRO and CSO. We will also strive to expand our horizons by combining and taking advantage of the expertise and capability we have developed in both areas.
Thank you again for your continued support of AC Medical Inc. in the years to come.

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